“I had the honor of planning our girl’s trip college reunion to Charleston, SC and wanted to partake in some fun activities. We all wanted to experience the true Charleston dining scene (not the touristy destinations) and I reached out to my sister and she suggested I give Brendan Kelly a call. He did not disappoint!

He took us to some off the beaten path restaurants like Harold’s Cabin where he had connections and we were able to take a tour of the rooftop garden. We also went to Goat.Sheep.Cow where we had Artisanal Cheeses and delicious wine plus he knew about “crack cheese” which we all fell in love with.

Our last stop was Edmund’s Oast that had a great Charcuterie Board and a huge selection of beers but also made great drinks. He had another restaurant planned but by that time we were full. It was no easy task for Brendan to keep 10 girls on track but he did it with great aplomb plus he was fun and knowledgeable! He was classically trained by the famous Chicago chef Charlie Trotter a James Beard Winner that was also awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide.

I would highly recommend connecting with Brendan when in Charleston plus he has his own catering business.”

– Sara Gilchrist Campbell (847) 204-6927

“August of last year (2018) my family did something nearly four years in the making, we took our very first family vacation to Isle of Palms, SC. After careful research we opted to rent a home right on the beach. Our vacation was so many years in the making because I am a single mother of twins. My twins were born in November of 2014, and my daughter was never supposed to survive. She wasn’t supposed to go outside, let alone see the beach. Well, she fought her way out of the NICU, she fought her way off of a ventilator, and finally her health was stable enough to consider the major undertaking of traveling 450 miles to another state. We recruited two nurses to split shifts with the family and knew that going out for dinner was impractical. I asked our rental company liaison for private chef recommendations and he recommended Chef Kelly.

Throughout the process of planning our meals Chef Kelly was open to my ideas and remained flexible with his offerings. We had numerous call/email exchanges and ultimately we decided on a menu that featured rack of lamb one night and shrimp pesto the next night. Both nights the food was delectable! Chef Kelly was engaging, yet unobtrusive. He was kind to my family and my twins. One night my daughter had a more difficult evening and he was not flustered by her “medical care team” in action. His kindness and culinary skills allowed us to enjoy this special time introducing two little people to the beach. We can’t thank him enough and would certainly highly recommend his services to anyone enjoying a beach getaway.

I am happy to serve as a reference and wholeheartedly enjoyed this beach experience, in part made possible by the meals Chef Kelly produced!"

— Elizabeth Rahn (334-728-4100)

“Chef Kelly catered the 80th birthday for my parents and it was spectacular! Everything was perfectly designed and he was an absolute delight to work with. With a family of eleven we had multiple dietary needs and he expertly handled them all. Every single dish was delicious and his ability to prepare everything from traditional southern to vegan was outstanding.

Having excellent food and styling is always the goal of a catered event, but to add to the evening Brendan also assisted with numerous details that allowed us to enjoy ourselves and never have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks. He is personable, thorough, professional, and was an absolute perfect edition to the evening.

My family had an evening that exceeded our expectations and created memories that will stay within our family for years to come. Brendan is top notch, and is a great representative of the service your company can provide. Please do not hesitate to contact me or have any of your clients contact me as I am happy to share more about our experience."

— Matt Forsyth (918-859-8118)

“Chef Brendan has a repertoire of fantastic recipes that he uses for anyone with health concerns and trying to get away from mainstream foods. He helped our family immensely when my teenage daughter had to cure her leaky gut syndrome by adhering to an autoimmune diet. Chef Brendan did a lot of research for her condition and made delicious meals for the whole family using his research. He really cares and is a great ally for anyone trying to make healthier-eating easier."

— Colleen Mooney (239-877-7888)